Kelly King vs. Nick Justice (Best Friend Battle)


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What happens when you let two friends kick-off the first match during a shoot? Lots of action and shenanigans.

The trash talk and wise cracks flow as smoothly as the wrestling holds between former roommates, Nick & Kelly. These two are certainly no stranger to each other in the ring...and have even had a few drunken matches after a night out on the town.

The two friends know watch other so well. Almost knowing what the other is thinking, before they actually attempt their strategy. The wrestling action is great. Two men equally skilled. Nick and Kelly have traveled all-over Florida wrestling as a tag team and as foes. With no need to win over a live event audience, they stick right to business: wrestling.

Being such good friends, they know the limits of the other and when to push them. This friendship will lead to shortcuts being taken. But neither man allows himself to be bothered by the others underhand tactics.

The match ends with a beautiful bump through the air that finally lays the other down for the final fall.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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