Kenny Dean vs. Danny DeMented


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Danny DeMented carries on the tradition of big bruisers beating the living daylights out of his more muscular, and inevitably inferior opponents. Danny can’t drop that deviant grin as he torments and terrorizes Kenny Dean, who suffers in confusion and horror movie-level faces and phases of pain that leave him panting, heaving, and floundering like a fish out of water. 

“Keep fighting!” the bigger man roars. “I like it!” 

Each time Danny drops one of those concrete elbows into Dean’s unprepared shoulder, the earth seems to shake. Danny rolls Dean into a sleeper so complete you can literally hear the victim’s voice failing and he gags on his own failure. Dean’s every weakness seems to enrage Danny more, as he lays on the pain with abdominal blows, crushing headlocks, and a session of face-to-mat grinding that leaves Dean almost totally destroyed. 

Danny drags Dean to the corner by his hair, where he exacts a meticulous and masochistic session of involuntary arms stretches on Dean, in which the muscle-bound bitch is so pathetically pleading Danny has no choice but to brutalize his balls, back, and bravery in what might be the squash job of the century. 

And if you’ve ever wanted to see a grown man cry because of a recitation of the alphabet, this is the match for you...

Total Run-time: 19 minutes

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