Lance Hart vs. Marco Thunder


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Lance is handsome and strong, but Marco is stronger, more experienced, and an overall better wrestler. Significantly better.

Lance is out classed here and never should have agreed to wrestle Marco. Marco is in his signature white trunks with red trim, white boots, and is sporting that gorgeous set of curls on his head, rippling muscles, and sexy tattoos. Lance is looking good in his skimpy light green trunks, but much like his wrestling skills, he’s no match for Marco in the looks department. 

Having a lengthy background in wrestling and fighting, many wrestlers have suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of Marco. Lance is now one of them. Marco is not loud or obnoxious like some heels, but prefers long, slow, quiet domination of his opponent. Lance is subjected to what seems like an unceasing array of punishing holds. Marco slowly moves from one hold to another as he quietly taunts Lance. Marco even puts him in an airplane spin lasting so long that both men are dizzy. By the end of the match, there isn’t a part of Lance’s body that isn’t in pain. 

Like so many before him, Lance falls victim to Marco’s superior muscles and wrestling abilities. He suffers well, but there’s no question he was still hurting long after this match was over. Marco did go easy on him in one aspect – he ends with the usual sleeper, but applies it lightly so Lance can get up more quickly. As his parting insult, Marco throws a leather jacket at his latest victim as Lance is exiting the ring.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 26 seconds

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