Lance Hart vs. Rolf Fulton (Jock Wars)


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A match of man smells and wedgies.

Two of the “up and comers” at W4H square off in the ring to see who is the better wrestler. This match ends up with both learning some valuable lessons, being forced to smell unpleasant areas of each other’s bodies, and wedgies tight enough to make them each sing soprano in a kid’s choir. Rolf Fulton is trying to earn a reputation as a tough heel. He has the desire, the looks, and the attitude, but he still has a lot to learn about wrestling. Lance has won a few matches, but has lost a few as well. Both wrestlers have something to prove and they have a perfect opportunity to do so in this match. 

Handsome Rolf shows up dressed to wrestle, but with one boot only loosely tied and powder blue and white trunks that aren’t tied at all. Lance shows up wearing black trunks, barefoot, and a W4H t-shirt in hopes of impressing the boss. It will take a lot more than wearing a company t-shirt into the ring if he’s looking to make inroads in the company. Both have a lot to learn. Neither is fully prepared for this match, thus either one could easily lose. 

Heel wannabe Rolf is arrogant and takes control of Lance early in the match. It isn’t long before Lance has his back on the mat and Rolf’s arm pit in his face. Rolf demonstrates more of his heel techniques by pulling Lance up, putting him in a standing head scissors, then slowly and methodically grab the back of Lance’s trunks and pulling hard. He adds some insult by slapping Lance’s exposed ass. Not to be outdone, Lance returns the favor. Rolf goes out of his way to punish Lance, even plucking a couple of his chest hairs. OUCH! Not content, he then grabbing a handful and pulls until Lance is screaming. 

Rolf and Lance go back and forth, with Rolf having the upper hand through most of the match. Both are subjected to painful wedgies and seem intent on making the other smell his sweaty arm pits. Rolf even gets Lance in a schoolboy pin and forces him to smell his sweaty package. That’s can’t smell good. In the last few minutes, Rolf gets a sadistic look in his eye and savagely chokes Lance. As he finally decides to tie his trunks and boot, Lance comes up from behind and puts him in a choke hold. Rolf is infuriated. The ending to this match is downright humiliating for the loser.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes, 15 seconds

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