Lane Hartley & Austin Cooper vs. Ethan Andrews


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Hartley and Cooper engage in some friendly arm wrestling in the middle of the ring. These guys are big, brawny, and pretty much unbeatable, especially when paired up. Enter Ethan Andrews, that slender, drawling boy next door that nobody should ever underestimate. Andrews gets in on the arm wrestling, only to be put to shame by Cooper. 

“Doesn’t prove anything,” Andrews scoffs. Cooper and Hartley clearly want to humiliate the boy, giving him a chloroform cocktail that renders him useless just long enough for the big boys to slip him into a wrestling mask. Suddenly Andrews is their plaything, first a hammock to swing, then a pony to ride, and even a puppet to manipulate as they please. 

Andrew’s slim and easily maneuverable frame makes him an easy toy to pass around, as cooper and Hartley apply aggressive bear-hugs, back beatings, rope torture, abdominal abuse, and so much more to this screaming, strangled, wailing and weakened warrior wimp.

Total Run-time: 32 minutes

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