Lane Hartley & Kelly King vs. Wayne The Jobber


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Weasley Wayne The Jobber antagonizes the shit out of adorable big guy Kelly King, just begging him to bring the pain as he talks mad shit about King’s mother. Taking to the mat with hostility and almost militaristic malice, these guys go to town on each other with headlocks, head-scissors, and sleepers that wipe the boyish grin right off of King’s face and leave him flailing on the floor.  

King knocks Wayne’s skinny quads. Wayne does the unthinkable, talking trash about the virtues of King’s dear old mother. Never insult a wrestler’s mother! What follows is one nasty remark after another, each one motivating King to beat the holy hell out of Wayne, gripping both sides of his walrus-inspired facial hair and hammering his abs with the brutality that only a loyal son can muster. 

In the heat of Wayne’s well-deserved punishment, in comes dominating jock Lane Hartley, a handsome, shaggy-haired pro with a bod of beefy perfection, and a methodical mat skill that he’s all too happy to apply to Jobber Wayne, who can’t seem to cut the bullshit, even as he is imprisoned within Hartley’s clamped armpit and forced to scream and apologize.

Aw’s a full hour of feisty fighting, nasty insults and trash talk! 

Total Run-time: 57 minutes

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