Lane Hartley vs. Braden Charron (Bodybuilder Punishment)


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Lane awaits his company for the evening  while sipping on a martini. He's almost through the entire bottle and numerous games of solitaire. When Braden arrives he is met with a drink and a handful of insults. Braden brushes off the pot shots of Mr. Hartley. He's had a few too many to drink, so Braden isn't taking him too serious.

Lane is wearing his black pleather trunks with the words "Bad Boys" across the butt. A formal vest covers his broad upper-half while custom black pro wrestling boots complete the look. Braden is in pink trunks and white knee-high boots...and shredded!

They climb in the ring. Braden downs his drink moments before being blinded by Lane's vodka. The punishment has begun. No rules are followed from the beginning: fingers are dug deep into the eyes and mixed with various choke-holds.

Braden's muscleman power has been overcome with a simple bar room move.

Lane is dominating. He refuses to let go as he prevents the muscled bodybuilder's arm from dropping for a 3-count. Braden tries to power back, but Lane is calm and collected. He quickly finds his way back to the top. Lane is so cool and confident that he even takes time to fold his vest while Braden writhes in pain.

Lane tightens a scissor hold around the head of Braden. Using the ropes to his advantage, he taunts to knockout Braden with his massive legs. Braden is fading out but Lane won't let him. He releases the hold, but only long enough to prevent a knockout.

Lane slaps on another hold. This time a camel clutch...and he forces Braden to flex while his body is being punished. The torture continues with an onslaught of sleeper variations and some pec chops while Braden is laid up in the ropes. Lane is a bad boy, for sure.

Braden is begging for the pain to stop. Lane won't...until Braden is sprawled on the mat to the his liking.

Run-time: 21 minutes

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