Lane Hartley vs. Chet Chastain & Alvin James


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Lane Hartley is something special in the wrestling world. A beefy brawler, absolutely perfect in his bigger body, with brute strength and almost mathematical mat skills. Standing 6’1” and at an awesome 230 lbs., watching this guy battle it out is impressive to say the least. 

Pretty boys, Chet Chastain and Alvin James, fail to see the splendor of Hartley’s natural build, laying on the insults and double-teaming Hartley with bitch ass punches, headlocks, and hair pulling. The bully bitch boys order Hartley to do some push-ups. Hartley pushes Chastain and James instead. Hartley is dog-piled, twisted, mangled, and insulted...until the moment he’s had enough. 

Chastain and James suffer in tandem! Hartley forces these boys into a double Boston crab, Chastain on top of James, until both boys are literally sobbing, faces twisted in excruciating pain. He does push-ups on top of them, his full weight evenly to their brutalized bodies. He throws them overhead, both at once! It’s pure strength against pretty, sculpted bodies. Who do you think eats the mat in the end?

Time for daddy to teach his little bitch boys a lesson…

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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