Lane Hartley vs. Chico The Student (From The Vault)


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Poor Chico has worked up a reputation as an easy, squashable who screams like a little punk, but refuses to tap. Watching him stretch in total silence, it’s hard to picture him coming out on top. The question is, how masterful will the heel be? Enter Lane Hartly. This beefy stud is a trash talking beast with a big body and an even bigger penchant for inflicting pain and punishment. Match made in heaven!

As these guys circle, poor Chico looks like he ended up here by accident. The instant he tastes Hartley’s special brand of brutality, he knows it. Hartley grinds Chico into the floor, pressing his manly knee into his head and pulling the punk’s body into a painful teardrop shape. Chico returns the pain on occasion, but it always feels like Hartley is just resting while he waits to unleash his next arsenal of agony.

Legs tangle, hands pound and pummel, big beefy bodies roll and rage against each other, and Hartley’s massive thighs are put to good use schooling Chico. It’s a stomping, strutting, powerful pro squash job with a tap out or pass out finish!

Runtime: 30 minutes, 19 seconds

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