Lane Hartley vs. Ethan Andrews (Jobbers Need Love, Too)


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Ethan Andrews thinks that Jobbers aren't getting the respect they deserve in the underground wrestling world...and I agree with him. Too often the Jobber doesn't get credit for taken a good beaten. Without the Jobber there would be no heel.

Ethan wants to show Jobbers some love...but he wants to show you something first. Just because he isn't the biggest in his fights, he certainly has made a good argument for being the strongest in his matches. He places a melon between his thighs and precedes to crush it. Easily this feat is achieved.

Lane Hartley is almost unrecognizable in his new look. A ruggedly, handsome lumberjack appears on screen. Lane is now 250 pounds of powerful muscle. It's bulking season and Lane is aiming high with his gains. Unbelievable strength.

Ethan wears his "Jobbers Need Love, too" t-shirt. He is ready to let Lane dish out his best punishment. Ethan has definitely picked a perfect opponent for this. He prepares to suffer at the hands of Hartley. Eager to give a good bashing, Lane goes right to town on the much smaller man.

Ethan is just a wrestling dummy for Lane. Press slams, body slams, choke lifts, a brutal torture rack and some gut bashing. Lane wants to make sure every part of Ethan is sore...and Ethan wants more.

Lane delivers more pain. It isn't done yet. Hartley starts to set-up his opponent for the finish. His aggression builds. He moves from bone breaking holds to power moves. Ethan can take no more, but has raised much more than awareness for Jobbers.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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