Lane Hartley vs. Flash LaCash (Punished)


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Flash LaCash is in the ring with a pair of wire cutters and a sealed coffin. He works to open the coffin but finds it to be empty. The owner of the coffin, Lane Hartley, comes up from behind, astounded that someone would break into his “bed”. Hartley is one of the “undead” and he is none too happy that someone has disturbed his resting place.

In the thousands of years Lane has lived he is well versed at the many points of pain within the human body. He starts by attacking Flash’s traps followed by a rake of his fingernails down Flash’s back. An

extended armbar mixed with the trash talking he is known for, Lane soon has LaCash wishing he had desperately not allowed his curiosity to get the best of him. Lane is also a master at using every tool available to him, and soon the rope which held the coffin, the wire cutters and even the cover of the casket are put into devastating use to punish the helpless LaCash.

More punishment just before Lane ties Flash to the ring ropes and describes the many ways that a person could be bled dry. In the end, LaCash is begging for his life, but there is only one possible fate that can await him as Lane, the Lord of the Undead, offers him the only release possible from his current situation. A stunning ending!

Total running time: 30 minutes, 21 seconds

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