Lon DuMont vs. Austin Cooper (Domination)


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What happenens when a higly motivated Lon Dumont finds a big muscled and well-conditioned wrestler like Austin Cooper in the ring? You are right! A lot of great wrestling moves, trash-talking and TONS of domination.

An arrogant Austin is stretching and warming up in the ring as Lon enters ringside. Lon is motivated as hell. Austin doesn't take Lon serious. Lon is only 5'7" and 145 pounds, but he is wise. When Austin turns his back on Lon, the smaller opponent makes him pay for that BIG MISTAKE!!!

A sneak attack with his jacket around Austin's throat followed by a tight Sleeper Hold to weaken his muscled and muscle bulging victim. Lon takes his time, draining Austin's hard muscles of their power, but Lon doesn't put him out just yet.

Lon starts to focus on every muscle on Austin's body; one by one. Leg locks for those mighty legs. A backbreaker for his wide-framed back followed camel clutches, body slams and more devastating holds. And, of course, a lot of trash talking like we expect from the mouth of Lon Dumont!

Lon wants to teach Austin a lesson. 

After all this destruction, Austin's once mighty body is but a limp mass. But we get more. We find out that Lon is not finished until the job is really done.

Total Run-time: 31 minutes

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