Lon DuMont vs. Cal Bennett (Steel Cage)


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Twenty-two-year-old Cal Bennett stands at a perfectly proportioned 6 feet in height, looking like something sculpted in glowing marble that ought to be left to stand in an eternal pose at the center of some baroque period fountain in Rome. Highly educated Lon DuMont is highly impressed, marveling at Bennett’s traps, delts, legs, and eventually his balls, which he quickly crushes with a surprise attack. 

Turning on his old-timey radio announcer voice, DuMont narrates his every punishing move, starting with some killer leg abuse, fish-hooking, and a figure four that will cross your eyes. DuMont’s over-sized headband becomes a blindfold for the brutalized Bennett, who next endures some killer head and neck work, as well as the ghastly nickname “muscular fish”, which he thoroughly earns. 

A Boston crab, some lower back abuse, and a self-choking session leaves Bennett unconscious and unprepared for what comes next. The sadistic scholar revives Bennett with a gentle massage that awakens him enough to put him in a good place to appreciate the agonizing upper body stretch DuMont forces upon his younger, taller victim. It’s all just a warm-up for a double pec claw that leaves Bennett groaning in that resonant baritone voice while writhing on the floor like a 6 foot tall bitch. 

And speaking of bitches, the humiliation continues with bitch moves like horseback riding, eye-gouging, knees in ribs, and a glorious full body straddling kiss of death…not to mention another new nickname for the vanquished jobber.

Total Run-time: 30 minutes

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