Lon DuMont vs. Flash LaCash (Gut Bash)


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Flash LaCash is a cocky SOB...and he has every right to be. Apart from that signature Cheshire Cat smirk, he’s one hell of a wrestler, able to bounce guys twice his already impressive size around the ring with brutal proficiency. Lon DuMont must not have gotten the memo, as the small, sinewy scrapper finds himself practically twisted up like a pretzel in the relentless grasp of the superior wrestler. 

Flash clearly takes pleasure in grinding his knees, elbows, fists, and fingers deep into DuMont’s pale abs, thighs, and neck, wrenching his arms almost out of socket, and pinioning his legs in more and more unnatural shapes that leave poor Lonny helpless, hopeless, and moaning like a ghost before returning to further abdominal abuse that involves every possible stomach twisting terror imaginable. 

Flash’s grin only grows wider as DuMont gets warmed up. Arms are wrapped around the ropes, and Flash manages to punch, beat, kick, smack, headlock, and hurt the flaxen-haired victim in more ways that you would ever think possible in less than a minute. One second in the ring, one second out, suddenly on the floor, instantly up again with DuMont upon his back or pressing the bitch against the corners or stomping on his back or using his trunks for leverage. The action literally never ceases!

Total Run-time: 19 minutes

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