Lon DuMont vs. Zach Reno (Grudge Match)


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Big-mouthed brawler Lon DuMont faces off with Zach Reno, their initial stare-down highlighting just how perfectly matched these two lean and muscular grapplers are in height, weight, and hair fabulosity! Reno gains the first advantage, although DuMont couldn’t be more disdainful of his attempted side headlock...until the moment Reno’s scrambling fingers become entangled in DuMont’s golden mane. 

“Be careful pulling my hair, Janet Reno,” DuMont sneers, disrespectfully. “You’ve got a lot to pull yourself!” So begins a rough and ruthless back-and-forth exchange of aggressive hair pulling like nothing you’ve seen in a pro battle! 

DuMont’s returns the hair pulling favor with sick satisfaction while lacing Reno’s lean body through the ropes like a needle and thread, yanking him backwards by the neck and clamping his thumb and forefinger over his nose to inflict some brutish breath torture. Reno lashes out by grabbing a fistful of DuMont’s tresses, until both long-haired hard-bodies are locked in a violent standoff. 

Reno manages to break free, smashing DuMont face down on the mat, where the two of them struggle for dominance in a series of feisty floor sleepers, back-breakers, Boston crabs, and some incredible throws. It’s a matter of pride, as these shaggy scrappers yank, pull, and toss each other around by the hair as only men with something to prove can!

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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