Marc Merino vs. Chet Chastain & Alvin James


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The pro wrestling tag team of Chet Chastain & Alvin James have been dominating lately. Whether it be the independent wrestling scene or the underground wrestling word, they have been on fire. The two best friends travel the country together living their dreams as professional wrestlers. They can't get enough wrestling.

Chet & Alvin made the trek from their home state to the Boston area for this shoot. They were full of energy and the trash talk was flowing from their mouths. I thought I had found an opponent that they could showcase their young, brash heel personas, which I believe is their natural disposition.

Marc Merino is a well-known internet star, who is in love with the gym and working out. Weighing nearly 275 pounds, he almost outweighs the pro tag team, but the masculine muscle boy can take it from the best.

The duo are impressed by Merino's massive body. His brains, well, not so impressive. Chet & Alvin think highly of themselves. They have it all: the looks, the brains, the moves and the attitude. Creative in their domination and constantly spitting out insults while they do it.

A great match with two hot up-and-coming studs punishing powerful bodybuilder muscles.

Total Run-time: 24 minutes

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