Marc Merino vs. Max Quivers & Drake Marcos


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Drake Marcos is in the ring working out as Max Quivers sits watching. Quivers calls in a collared Marc Merino to help teach Marcos a lesson. A quick sleeper hold has Marcos fading as he is released into Merino’s arms for a bearhug. Not satisfied with how Merino executed it, Max shows Marc exactly how it should be done. Quivers even begins offering his “protégé” cash for each time Marcos submits.

Quivers continues to deliver example after example of different wrestling holds that he then instructs his student to perform on the poor example of Marcos. After each successful execution Merino earns another wad of cash from his mentor. All at Marcos’ detriment.

Not satisfied with letting Merino have all the fun, Quivers delivers the final blow in the form of a devastating piledriver, but does allow his student to get the actual three count over the unconscious wrestler. Still not satisfied Max brings Drake back to Dreamland with a standing face o face sleeper. Max feels as though his hiring of Marcos was a good purchase considering all the fun they had. The duo take their purchase with them for some more play time!

Total running time – 26 minutes, 42 seconds

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