Marco Thunder vs. Chase Sinn (Championship Match)


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The bicep heavy stud holds that shiny championship belt like he gave birth to it or something. Maybe it’s time he got a little shaken up, and who better to bring the pain than Chase Sinn? 

Sinn is so much more than just a good looking muscle-stud. His one of a kind, with a fast, powerful, truly athletic wrestling flair. I swear this dude is part video game with his sonic speed, agility, and footwork. He leaps into the ring, decked out in gecko green gear, trimmed with black stripes and glittering rhinestones. 

If Sinn’s impressed by Thunder’s sparkly accessory, it doesn’t show through that million dollar grin. He even stoops to help Thunder put the belt on so he can offer up a sweet gun show. Naturally Sinn challenges the champion, and two of the hottest bods in the wrestling world have at each other. 

You can practically taste the anticipation that precedes the initial lockup. Thunder gains the first advantage, but we all know Sinn’s just feeling the champion out. 

Sinn applies his own brand of fast flying speed, but Thunder answers each call with his own well-executed moves. Boots bash into abs, shoulders are wrenched into unnatural positions. Soon Thunder finds himself in some tight trouble when Sinn decides he’s done playing. Get ready for some brutal bearhugs, backbreakers, ab claws, and plenty of well-earned sweat dripping down muscular frames. 

Heads are nearly cracked like walnuts between killer thighs. At one point these dudes get so pissed at each other there’s nearly a fist fight. There is a definite winner, but who it will be is anybody’s guess up until the final seconds of this match of muscles and mayhem.

Total Run-time: 22 minutes, 30 seconds

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