Marco Thunder vs. CJ Reznik


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You don’t get much hotter than Marco Thunder. This dude is the full package, and that package is on display today in a pair of red and white jockstrap inspired speedos. With a fierce tattoo sleeve, chiseled abs and pecs, and a face that could launch a thousand ships, this dude is more than fit to take on golden boy CJ Reznik. 

The initial lock-up sees these dudes close and cozy. 

“Stop huggin’ me, and fuckin’ wrestle!” Marco teases, as the taller Reznik is lifted and held in an uncomfortable position by the shorter, but obviously stronger competitor. It becomes clear CJ Reznik is in for a long, painful, impossible-to-escape-from series of holds, in which he is lifted, crushed, squeezed, held upside down, and forced to bow down to Marco’s thunderous superiority. 

Watch as Marco practically grinds this pussybitch into the mat, rides his torso and back like he’s a pony, grabs a fistful of golden hair to wrench that head back, then schoolboy pins the pretty bitch with a level of ferocity rarely seen today. Those powerful thighs, dripping with sweat, straddle Reznik’s face as that red clad pouch invades...only to be replaced moments later by Marco’s ass. We’ll let you determine which is the better view.

Will this be a total squash job, or will flawless Marco completely annihilate the quiet Reznik?

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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