Marco Thunder vs. Mad Dog Mike


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Mad Dog Mike is a mean, meaty man who loves a good scrap. With more mass than most guys around, this singlet wearing stud sports thick thighs, golden curls, and natural strength. When traditionally handsome Marco Thunder arrives on the scene talking smack about the things he wants to do to Mike’s mom, you better believe the thick fighter cranks up the pain game. 

Marco’s flawless abs are stretched to capacity in Mike’s murderous full nelson. Bare feel lock it up tight, forcing boot-wearing Marco into a agonizing arch. Marco’s trash talk turns desperate as Mike feeds him a facefull of well-deserved, sweaty armpit. 

“I’m seeing stars…” Marco moans, only seconds away from passing out.

“Talk shit now, bitch!” Mad Dog dares, slapping the bully in the face.

Gut punching, sleepers, cobra clutches, and even a busted lip! Looks like Marco is finally on the receiving end of some serious brutality.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 32 seconds

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