Marco Thunder vs. Rendell Zebu (Jobbers Need Love, Too)


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Marco can’t help but strut. He’s built for it. Magnificent, tatted biceps seem to be bursting out of a paper thin white t-shirt. If this guy passed you on the street, you would turn all the way around the admire the cut of his powerful back and shoulders, the shadows cast by his powerful pectorals, the glow of his face, so flawlessly rendered Botticelli might have painted it. You study him as he moves, sways, flexes...and for some reason you can’t even begin to explain, you want to fight him. Admit it. You want to stand face-to-face with him, call him a pussy, shove him, and feel his body struggling beneath yours as you roll, and kick, and tear into each other. But you can’t. You can’t beat a dude like this. No fucking way. He’d rip your ass off and shove it down your throat, unless you had a secret weapon. 

Enter Rendell. This long and lean, sleek and sinewy, crafty, leggy, and totally beautiful brute slinks into the fight space wearing the infamous “Jobbers Need Love Too” shirt we all know so well. A sexy as hell wrestler, this tom cat would be a terror to tangle with, but Marco is too much for him. Secret weapon: chloroform. 

Soon Marco is as weak and helpless as a baby lamb, lying slack on the mat. Now Rendell can have his way with the sexy stud. Rendell rips Marco’s t-shirt, circling his fallen frame in ways that show off his powerful thighs and impressive ass. A handful of Marco’s nuts puts a demure smile of the attacker’s face. Marco’s body is a wonderland, and Rendell is the mad man at the center of this highly erotic dream. 

Off comes the shirt, revealing Rendell’s perfect body, so lean and glowing in the light. Boston crabs, wedgies, pectoral and abdominal caressing, and endless ball abuse leave Marco ready and willing for any humiliation or supplication sexy Rendell desires or requires. Fuck! 

“Tell me that you like it,” Rendell suggests, his voice a mixture of honey and barbed wire. You’ll like it. You’ll really like it.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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