Marco Thunder vs. Rolf Fulton


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Rolf Fulton is an up and coming heel in the ranks of the W4H wrestlers. He’s hot, he’s strong, and he has a burning desire to make his opponents suffer. His opponent for this match is none other than Marco Thunder, a man with a reputation for making wrestlers suffer mercilessly at his hands. Many wrestlers have been left lifeless in the ring after stepping in the ring with Marco. There are several similarities in these two wrestlers. Both are tall, both have lots of muscle, gorgeous hair, handsome looks, and both enjoy making their opponent suffer. Does young Rolf have what it takes to survive a match with Marco? 

As Rolf enters the ring, Marco unrolls a tape measure, flexes his right arm, and makes young Rolf read the number as it goes all the way round his arm. Although he tries to act unimpressed, we know that deep inside himself, he’s saying, “HOLY F**K!” Instead of going into a panic, he grabs the tape measure and uses it to strangle Marco. That’s a bold move. We’d be afraid of such a risky move against Marco. He isn’t known for being nice to his opponents. After choking him, Rolf manages to get him into some painful holds and has him saying, “Come on, man” and “please.” Very few others have managed to get Marco to utter those words. This may spell disaster for Rolf. 

Marco does break loose and takes his frustration on the young heel. He’s pummeled and pounded until he’s screaming in pain. But Rolf doesn’t want to lose and manages to turn to the tables on Marco, this time getting him to submit multiple times. It is impossible to predict the outcome of this match. Both men want to defeat the other. The conclusion is amazing!!!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 23 minutes, 25 seconds

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