Marco Thunder vs. Vinny Motz (Rookie Wrecker)


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Meet Vinny Motz. One look at this perky little dude and you’ll see where this is going. With his big feet and newly grown armpit hair, Motz thinks he’s a real man. But from his shiny new haircut, to his brand new letterman’s jacket, this converse-wearing cutie is just asking for a beating. 

Enter Marco Thunder, the epitome of a school bully in the body of a man. Marco never ever cracks a smile, yet manages to somehow look perpetually amused from start to finish, initiating his bullying session by asking Motz point blanc if he’s a cheerleader. Motz whines, moans, and grimaces, protesting again and again that he’s not a cheerleader. Can Marco put the hurt on this puppy enough to make him say it?

Motz is treated to a feast of armpit and crotch eating, humiliating spladles, sock torture, handgagging, and being lifting by his precious jacket. Choke lifts, bearhugs, and even being crushed against wall only make the lad whine more. Again and again, Marco asks Motz to admit he’s on the Pom-Pom Squad, which only makes the suffering kid more frustrated. 

Marco wants to know if Motz will be his personal cheerleader when he’s wrestling. 

Hair-pulling, ball crushing, shoe torture, schoolboy pins. Poor Motz will never forget this beating.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 22 minutes

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