Mark Muscle vs. Alex Oliver


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What is it about Alex Oliver’s face? Just makes you want to see him suffer. Maybe it’s that asshole grin. Maybe it’s that creamy complexion. Maybe we’re just sick bastards. Either way, he’s way outmatched today.

Mark Muscle looks like he’s been training for the superhero Olympics. I mean, how do you even get a body like that? Those pecs alone are worth writing a novel over. And those lats are like CGI or something!  It’s pretty boy vs. muscle man. This should be good. 

Mark is into the headlocks, then goes deep, riding Oliver’s back and wrenching his head backward by the forehead and hair, leaving the begging bitch kicking pointlessly. The steel bod god crushes the bitch in a scissorhold that will take your breath away. Bare feet are practically tied to wrists, and cries of “let me go!” get more and more intense. Soon the sweat starts dripping, defining Mark Muscle’s muscles in ways you need to see to believe.

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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