Mark Muscle vs. Blake Starr (Thongs)


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Blake Starr’s been eating a lot of mat lately, but nobody looks better in mint green trunks and white wrist cups. The camera eats him up, that lean body packed with muscle, hair, and hunky confidence. Enter Mark Muscle in full gladiator regalia. We’re talking leather battle skirt and everything. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Mark Muscle yet, let’s just say he’s massive.

“Where the hell did you come from?” moans Starr, and you’ll be thinking the same thing when you see this hairy titan hoist Starr off his feet by his neck, and bend him over his knee with backbreaking brutality. Mark’s the strong and silent type, few works and even fewer moves, but the ones he’s using are effective and painful, leaving Starr struggling for release. Pecs are manhandled, legs are forced into impossible positions, and Starr’s g-string-clad butt is ridden so hard his balls fall out in humiliating high def.

Soon Starr is thrashing like a fish on land, slapping at the big brute, and straining against the epically painful feeling of being hoisted up by his hair. His pretty face is humped hard, his ass is exposed, and his breathtaking body is explored from stem to stern by a closeup camera. Mark Muscle, for his part, puts the jobberstud in more compromising and sensual positions than any heel before him.

Total Runtime: 20 minutes, 24 seconds

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