Mark Muscle vs. Flash LaCash (Forced To Flex)


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We’ve seen epic muscleman Mark bashed, beaten, smothered, and trampled. We’ve seen him kick ass, take names, torment and terrorize. We’ve seen him conquer titans and get avalanched by mountains. Total duality. So just who is this dude? Winner or chiseled wimp? 

Shhh. Hear that creak? It’s Flash LaCash climbing into the ring. Look out world, we’re about to find out. 

“Oh, sick!” marvels Flash, gazing at Mark’s muscular perfection. “You having a posedown by yourself. I’m impressed. Think I’m gonna make you flex for me!” 

“Sorry,” says Mark. “I only flex for the bitches.” 

“Guess I’m gonna have to make you MY bitch!” 

It’s on! And it’s clear who Mark Muscle is. In Flash’s crushing grip, he’s absolutely nothing. Now is the moment of truth. Sit back and watch the superior wrestler force the superior body builder show off his impressive frame. When Flash says “jump”, Mark says “how high?”. 

Total Runtime: 18 minutes 32 seconds

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