Mark Muscle vs. Garrett Thomas (Fantasy Fights)


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During the scheduling of a shoot, I noticed that I didn't have enough spice. I had solid talent as far as wrestling skill. Great looking guys and extroverted personalities were what I was missing. So realizing that, I began searching the internet for potential places talent would be hidden.

The shoot was between Philadelphia and Atlantic City. I had been hoping to visit both cities in between shoot days, so I was stumbling across travel sites looking for entertainment during my trip. Bam! There it was: "Male Review." Where better to find talent; am I right?

I made contact with a few friends and found that Brendan Cage had worked with the company. A few modeling photos later, things were booked.

Enter Mark Muscle (6'4" and 250 lbs.) a full-time bodybuilder and a part-time model who moonlights as a dancer. Almost a natural sadist, who picked up wrestling fairly quick. His costume of personal choice for his debut: black latex trunks, white knee high boots, an executioner-style black mask and his wraps himself with a cold, steel chain.

In this match he dominates Garrett Thomas (6'1", 205 lbs.) for the majority of this match. In between posing, Mr. Muscle shows off his knowledge of punishing wrestling holds.

Total Run-time: 18+ minutes

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