Mark Muscle vs. Guido Genatto (Forced To Flex)


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Mark Muscle is a god among men. Delts. Pecs. Roaring thighs of solid strength. Bulging back definition that one only sees in a comic book. Everything about this bold and beefy beast is exaggerated. Every aspect of his powerful frame works to perfection...except maybe his ears.

Foul mouthed madman Guido Genatto, and understandable fan favorite for his sadistic smile and wrestling style, sprays a lethal dose of chloroform into a cloth, which Mark somehow fails to hear. Suddenly Genatto is all up in Mark’s business, arms and legs wrapped around the strapping stud in a sleep inducing embrace. 

“You want the fuckin’ rag?” Genatto threatens.  

Now Marky Mark is Genatto’s plaything. His bitch. His pet. And Mark WILL flex for Genatto, or feel the wrath of the demon wrestler’s rag, fist, feet, and ferocity, in this rip roaring, rolling, rollicking one-sided fight to the finish, that sees one of biggest muscle men we’ve ever known eating shit like a sniveling bitch on wheels.

Total Run-time: 18 minutes

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