Mark Muscle vs. Jaxton Wheeler


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Mark Muscle looks like something out of an old-fashioned beefcake calendar. His pecs, back, and meaty abdomen are naturally huge, and his entire powerful frame is covered in a sensual layer of hair that gives him a dangerous look. You might see this dude working as a bouncer or a bodyguard. Is Jaxton Wheeler intimidated? Ha!

Wheeler slinks in like a panther, clamping his massive hand over the Muscle Man’s mouth is a sexy handgag that leaves the big bruiser chloroformed and barely clinging to consciousness. Off come the shorts, leaving the big bruiser barefoot and balls out, his black silk g-string flossing his ass and balls hard. Wheeler clamps his arms around the stud again, this time relishing the slow punishment of a balls out breath-control session.

Again and again the bigger dude is knocked out in a total test of endurance and weakness. Wheeler’s almost addicted to the rush that comes with truly feeling the strength rush out of a bigger brawler’s body. Wheeler rolls his victim over, exposing the sensual world of this opponent’s hairy ass crack in humiliating high definition. It’s a sensual game of breath-control between one superior stud and his much bigger plaything.

Total Runtime: 19 minutes, 54 seconds

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