Mark Muscle vs. Raging Beast

Bro Battle

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Seems the Bro Battle guys just can’t get a good night’s sleep in. Raging Beast is enjoying his slumber when Mark Muscle and Tristan Baldwin happen upon him and they decide that they want to have some fun with the “new guy”. Mark decides he will go first and he immediately awakens Raging Beast with a choke hold that would wake even the dead. Both the surprise and the strength of Mark Muscle prove too much for the young stud and he soon finds he is on the receiving end of devastating hold after devastating hold.

Ab claws turn to bearhugs turn to leg stretches turn to wedgies turn to head scissors all at the expense of Raging Beast. There is little respite for the rookie as he is forced to endure everything Mark Muscle has to throw at him. Eventually the rookie is put to sleep by the much bigger mand and fireman carried out to the living room where he deposited on the mat and has Tristan Baldwin wondering, “Is it my turn now?”

Raging Beast will not soon forget one of his first matches at Bro Battle. Hopefully he has better days ahead for him. If he keeps up the way it is I only see pain suffering in his future.

Total Running Time: 26 minutes, 51 seconds

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