Mark Muscle vs. The Mountain (Squashed)


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I have mad respect for The Mountain. Sporting a non-traditional bod for an athlete, he holds nothing back in attitude and athleticism. Never, EVER underestimate him. Mark Muscle appears to be making that mistake at the start of this match. These guys are similar in size, although it’s distributed in very different ways. Some are built for show, others for showing opponents the ropes. We’re just itching to see them go at it. Who will come out on top?

The Mountain manages to press the Muscleman into the corner, crush his torso, make his jaw go tight with tension and pain. Both men are dripping with sweat within seconds, but it only adds to the challenge. If you ever wanted to see Mark Muscle in a half nelson, those legendary biceps wrenched upward in a brutal hold, today’s the day! 

“Get up!” the Mountain orders, when a stripped and struggling Mark seems defeated. The Mountain tells you when he’s done with you. “Does that fuckin’ hurt? Let me hear it. Yeah! Scream for me!” 

The sound massive Mark makes is less of a scream, more of a whimper.

Total Run-time: 18 minutes

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