Mark Muscle vs. Will Favero


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W4H Star, Mark Muscle wears the iconic caped crusader’s costume well enough, although Will Favero may think differently. The chin-strapped stud saunters into the ring, attired from head-to-toe like the Boy Wonder himself. He’s just missing Adam West, and maybe some vintage 1966 Bat-fight words popping up on the screen (“Pow!” “Biff!” “Clank!”). 

With a huge height/weight difference between them, these two heroes rip into each other with unabashed force, rolling all over the mat in an almost comical display of speed versus size. Boy Wonder achieves the first killer headlock, only to be lifted off his feet, kicking and flailing and bargaining in a pseudo-Shakespearean delivery that will make you want to climb into the ring yourself and hang this Nightwing wannabe upside down. 

The Justice League is clearly shattered, as these two quarrelsome protagonists beat and batter each other with leg locks, sleepers, figure fours, and more. The inclusion of kryptonite renders the big guy useless, allowing Boy Wonder to exact a series of finger torture holds that would make Lex Luthor proud. 

Will the Man of Steel return? Will the Batmobile lose a wheel? Will Robin lay an egg? Forget about Batman vs. Superman. It’s Man of Steel vs. Boy Wonder in this colorful Fantasy Fight!

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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