Mark Muscle vs. Zach Altovito (Hotel)


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It was bright and early in a hotel room outside of Philly when two powerhouse giants came crashing together. Mark Muscle and Zach Altovito look like they ought to be fantasy creatures from an epic film. As muscular as ogres or leviathans or behemoth beasts, their bodies are almost too muscular to be allowed. So it’s always a thrill to see them battle one another, especially in a small hotel room. Zach had to sneak into work late to make the shoot, and Zach had to head to an audition immediately we’re lucky we have this match at all!

They begin with a pose off, which is the only way to start a video that features these dudes. We’re talkin’ triceps, biceps, delts, and lats. We’re talkin’ deltoids, obliques, abs, and thighs. Zach is hairy, Mark is smooth. They’re a match made in wrestling heaven. The moment they start going at it, you can feel the burning competitive fire between them. And all the while, there’s a nicely made hotel bed, just waiting for these two goliaths to come crashing down on it. If you don’t happen to have easy access to mats and rings, a hotel is where most dudes get their wrestling action on. Now imagine if you were in a room with these two specimens. 

Zach puts the squeeze on Mark, who turns red and moans in that colossal grip. Mark gets Zach from behind, squeezing and crushing the hairy hunk. Something about the slow, deliberate fighting style reminds me of mountain trolls fighting over the last leg of mutton! Zach pulls Mark onto the waiting mattress, coiling his head in his thighs while locking up fungus infected feet. Mark barely resists, just moaning “Ow...ow...oh...ow…” like there’s no way out! Muscle worship and another nasty fight on the small room sofa will keep you coming back to this match for more of that manly muscle meat! 

Total Runtime: 23 minutes, 17 seconds

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