Mark Muscle vs. Zach Reno & Matt Blakewood (Ravaging Savages)


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Can we talk about Mark Muscle? If you saw this dude at the gym, you’d stop and stare. His lats are insane. His thighs are insane. One guy couldn’t bring him down. Maybe that’s why the Ravaging Savages (Reno, Blakewood) always attack in pairs…

Enter two barefoot, leopard print wearing roughians, bearded and bold, to show off their “shoulders like boulders” to the pensive giant. Mark wastes no time showing off his superior ferocity and strength, picking up both savages in a double shoulder lift that leaves these two comical cave men bewildered. 

The exhibition of strength continues, and this primitive Tweedledee and Tweedledum clamp their inferior arms over the big guys face, forcing a mountain to his knees in a devastating double choke hold. They punish Mark’s pecs, which are bigger than their hands, opening the door for a series of especially nasty pinching, twisting, and generally mean-spirited, smaller abuses. 

Mark is forced to flex for their entertainment, as our primeval duo takes turns brutalizing this modern Prometheus, dragging him from one end of the mat to the other in a never-ending effort to break the big guy with double leg locks, ball abuse, and a long and torturous stretch session you have to see to believe. If you want to hear a massive man scream, cry, and beg like a little bitch at the hands of a loincloth-wearing antediluvian, this is the match for you.

Total Run-time: 19 minutes

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