Mark Muscle & Zach Altovito vs. Ethan Andrews


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“We’re beasts...kings of the ring...biggest arms in the game,” laugh almost interchangeable Zach Altovito and Mark Muscle. These tag team champions make up over 500lbs of muscle, as they pose and impress in matching greek speedos. It’s hard not to be impressed...unless you’re Ethan Andrews. 

“Hey Humpty and Dumpty...fuck you!” says Andrews. Let the 2 on 1 punishment commence! Ethan is thrown, slammed, splashed, and crushed under bare feet. Balls are pounded, his back is stretched and strained, he is dropped and drained countless times. Mark Muscle even knees behind poor Ethan to pinch and punish the hell out of his pecs, leaving him sensitive and massaging his nips pathetically. 

Zach presses his bare foot into Ethan’s package, Mark hurls him into the mat, leaving the popular jobber breathless. At last Ethan is raised up, his purple speedo wedgied deep in his butt crack, so he can be trapped in the center of an embrace between two superior specimens. You can practically hear his ribs breaking! 

Total Runtime: 20 minutes, 46 seconds

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