MarkO vs. Markus Vachon (Punished)


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MarkO offers Markus Vachon a beverage in the red-curtained wrestling space. The bevested, soul patch sporting stud waxes poetic, regretting life choices and the never ceasing hands of time. Little does Vachon realize, MarkO is just trying to get him to drop his defenses...drawing him into his web of punishment. 

MarkO applies a vicious camel clutch to the tattooed Vachon, clamping his thighs around Vachon’s back while wrenching his chin backwards unnaturally. MarkO is drunk, demanding money for his wrestling school, while Vachon is resistant to fight...making him the perfect victim for this slow, calculating, dialogue-heavy punishment session that sees both men reduced to staggering, struggling, limping piles of pathetic weakness. 

This battle unfolds at a uniquely languid pace, allowing you to bask in the relaxed musculature of two very differently constructed combatants in states of total exhaustion.

Total Run-time: 30 minutes

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