MarkO vs. Teddy Trouble & Max Quivers


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Our resident henchman, Max Quivers, is back, filling up the locker room with his massive presence and trademark suit and mask.  MarkO has done something to piss him off, and when Max starts laying it on, MarkO quits and starts to leave.  But no one leaves the Max Quivers fold that easily. Disabling MarkO with some well placed chloroform, Max summons Teddy Trouble to help teach MarkO a lesson for his disobedience.  And what a claw-tacular lesson.  With MarkO flat on his back, legs spread, crotch exposed, check your pulse if you don’t find all that muscle tempting.  Max and Teddy start working those ripped abs and inner thighs with nerve killing claws.  You might start to feel sorry for MarkO as their torture focus switches back to his abs, but you’ll forget all about that when MarkO’s legs keep rising up in pain, revealing his incredible ass.

MarkO begs Max to please just talk it out, which Max answers by giving him another dose of the chloroform.  The only thing better than MarkO’s body at rest, is MarkO’s body in muscle-straining pain, which is how he wakes up, since Teddy cannot resist clawing those spectacular abs over and over.  MarkO keeps screaming out that he promises to follow orders from now on, but Max and Teddy are having too much fun brutalizing the helpless muscle hunk.  

They stretch him, submit him, and choke him, never forgetting the chloroform — clawing every single one of his muscles.  And since this is all about prolonged torment, you know they’re not going to leave his balls alone along the way.  Plus, MarkO better be ready for some closed fist gut punches, too.  Fans of the claw and of sadistic torture will not be disappointed!

Run Time 21 minutes, 45 seconds

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