Mason Broder vs. Nick Justice


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Poor Mason Broder.  He probably thinks that after a few fun matches during his trip to America he can return home to Spain, after fulfilling a few pro fantasies.  The problem is, if you linger too long around the W4H ring, the ultimate sado-masochist, Nick Justice, just might emerge from the bowels of his hellish dungeon on the hunt for some new minions to enslave and torture for eternity.  Mason doesn’t speak a lot of English, but he should have no trouble understanding that when Justice bounds into the ring, he’s totally fucked.

As he always does, Justice wedgies his prey’s trunks, exposing the ass he’s going to beat.  The Spaniard has a very respectable butt, and the rest of the package looks pretty ample, too.  So, Justice wastes no time in kneeing and gas pedaling those tender balls.  Mason is definitely put off balance by the fact that Justice gives himself as much pain as he inflicts on Mason.  He tries to stammer out that didn’t sign up for this.  Like that will matter.  No one is there to save him, and Justice is all powerful.  Those balls and those cheeks are Justice’s to abuse.  Mason, welcome to the dungeon.

Run Time: 20 minutes, 34 seconds

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