Matty O'Boy vs. James Quarterstaf (Rip and Strip)


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“I’ve been waiting for this match the whole entire day,” Matty devilishly admits.

The two opponents are wearing street clothes but they won’t stay in them long. From the first takedown clothes are ripped off and strewn around the mat. Soon Matty’s jeans are shredded and removed. It is now an underwear war with both lads sporting superhero briefs. 

Matty takes the low road first by grabbing a handful of whitey tighties and pulling them up the ass crack of James. That doesn’t slow James down, so a cheap throw into the wall disorients the cute boy next door and Matty climbs on top. James is much more aggressive than his boyish looks would make you believe. The two friends go back-and-forth hard as they fight for the upperhand.

James suffers a cut under his eye, but it only makes him fight harder. Taunts and trash talk are great as both wrestlers take turns dominating the other. 

Matty’s mouth is busted open and the aggressiveness picks up even more. Ball claws, face smothering and wedgies up the sexiness and eroticism of this match. 

Who will be the winner in this match? Matty? James? For sure, you will be by watching this bout.

Total Run-time: 21 minutes, 30 seconds

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