Matty O'Boy vs. Marco Thunder


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If you haven’t yet seen slim ginger Matty O’Boy battle, you’ve missed some seriously sexy grappling. His slender, natural physique, big ass, and cocky attitude set him apart from the muscle hunks who fight using brute strength. Matty O’Boy is quick, clever, sassy, and unafraid of more muscular dudes. 

Marco Thunder clearly takes pride in his big biceps and poppin’ ab muscles. Using his superior strength, he hoists Matty up in the air, then grinds him into the mat, rubbing his hard body all over the struggling kid. With O’Boy’s ass raised high, Marco commences to spank Matty like a birthday boy, then flip him over and grinds their sweaty balls together. 

Face-sitting, ball crushing, gut punching, and more leave the pretty ginger coughing and gagging, but Marco wants to hear screams. The action is not entirely one-sided, but it’s very clear who has the upper hand. 

Two very different body types going to town, with intimate camera work going in close to the action, going in close to Matty’s spread legs and flexing feet. You’ll practically feel Marco’s thunderous thighs clamping down on Matty’s ribs, and recoil from the brutal oil-checking checkmate. 

You may not be ready for the killer spladle section, when Marco almost makes Matty eat his own sweet ass!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 25 minutes

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