Maverick vs. Alex Oliver


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Professional lifeguard Alex Oliver wakes up dog-collared and chained to the turnbuckle of a wrestling ring. The tight-bodied tool strains against his bonds until master Maverick darkens his doorstep with his impressive physique. The truculent master is none too quick to help the struggling kid who just wants to get out and get home. Maverick relents, releases Oliver, then turns the heat on, choking the newly freed Oliver with his former chains...another toy for Maverick to play with. 

It’s a physical and psychological fuck-up Maverick dishes out, repeatedly offering the kid an opportunity to leave, only to prevent him with the smallest effort like holding one of his feet so he can’t walk, or attempting to wrench his arm out of the socket without even betraying the slightest feeling of remorse. 

Oliver, for his part, suffers like a champion, never abandoning his intense dream of getting away, while enduring chokes, leg abuse, and a cruel back breaker that has him sobbing, pleading, and gasping until he is rolled onto the mat in agonizing pain for the master to apply an aggressive camel clutch. But this play toy’s only fun when it’s reacting properly to the punishment being dished out, so next it’s more abuse with the chain, and a strangely satisfying session with the ropes that has Maverick taking his aggression out on Oliver’s face! 

Just when the humiliation couldn’t possibly go any further, Maverick ups the ante by not only chaining Oliver up like an animal, but treating him like one too by walking him and whistling for him. When that stops being fun, it’s time for boots planted squarely in the chest, and a psychologically messed-up push-up challenge that an almost completely broken Oliver is simply incapable of, making him yet another broken toy on Maverick’s shelf.

Total Run-time: 30 minutes

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