Maverick vs. Braden Charron (Vampire Tales)


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He's been locked up for a centuries of lonely nights...and tonight he is being hunted. The vampire hunter: Braden Charron. 

To say Maverick is unhappy about being awakened is an understatement. The Vampire King will not show mercy on his interrupter. He being taking Braden apart limb by limb. Leg locks have the lean, muscle stud writhing on the ground.

Maverick not only dominates with holds, locks and scissors. He utilizes his super powers to control the bodybuilder. Super powers he has achieved through his eternal life. A rope is used to control and subdue Braden. Maverick continues his domination. He is a master over his weakened attacker.

Maverick is too strong, too powerful, too controlling and too intelligent to lose to such an inferior opponent. Which is weird to say given Braden's contest-ready physique. Maverick is just toying with him. He easily hog-ties his one-time equal. It's obvious.

The Vampire King has simply controlled, dominated and humiliated a once formidable foe. Braden has improved and looks incredible on his hunt, but it is no good against the ruler of the Underworld.

Total Run-time: 30 minutes

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