Maverick vs. Cal Bennett (Steel Cage)


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What happens when you put an arrogant college frat boy in a cage against a skilled, confident pro wrestler?

Cal Bennett is a college basketball player, who spends his free time in the gym and partying. He, also, is a part-time model and, most recently, he's taken up speedo wrestling on the side. But that doesn't impress his foe, Maverick.

Maverick has traveled all over perfecting his craft in the wrestling ring. Not only is he a world-class pro, he's a world-class fitness instructor with the body of a Greek God.

It doesn't take long for the action to start. After a brief verbal exchange, Maverick goes on the offensive. He's got a game plan: attack the left arm/hand of Cal. Seems Mav knows something that I hadn't noticed. Cal is nursing an injury and Maverick plans to exploit it, while making the young jock suffer.

Maverick is flawless in his strategy. He's able to do whatever he wants to the less built opponent: bending limbs, smashing his body into the steel cage, and making the young man suffer with some classic pro holds.

Total Run-time: 31 minutes

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