Maverick vs. Chet Chastain & Alvin James


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Maverick is in the ring doing warm-ups, drills and stretching to prepare for an upcoming match. He is minding his own business when two young snot-nosed friends come in. They claim that Maverick has no right to be in their ring and, even, accuse him of breaking in.

Maverick is easily overwhelmed with two opponents and they take big advantage of him. Trapped in the corner, the two young guys beat and stretch the muscle-god. They force him down to the mat and demand he perform for them. "Do some push-ups!" and "Get up...without using your hands." The power goes to their heads. Bossing Maverick around like a jobber.

They attempt to break the man with several creative double-team holds. Maverick is bent, battered, belittled and dismantled in this match.

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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