Maverick vs. Chet Chastain (Super Villain)


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Chet Chastain’s out for revenge against the man who emasculated him once before. Maverick sits, back turned, mid-ring, while prettyboy Chastain attempts to sneak up on him, glass bottle in hand. Maverick’s keen sense of hearing has him turning around right in time. Chastain, knowing what’s best for himself, doesn’t speak, doesn’t move, doesn’t do anything that might make things worse for him. There’s a moment you know you’re fucked, and Chastain just walked into that moment with his own two feet, of his own free will. 

If you’re not sure why you clicked on this match, it’s because you want to see the cool-tempered man beat the living daylights out of the sweet-faced, suffering boy. Maverick adds a metal folding chair to his choking, leg bending, back breaking punishment against Chastain. Add in a slight fantasy element, as Maverick uses the wrestle-force to lift, move, throw, and throw off his opponent without even laying a hand on him, and you’ve got a wrestling vid that goes spiraling into the realm of vampiric, holy water, wooden stake-based brutality. 

Just wait and see what Maverick does with that glass bottle. Poor Chastain’s boys will never be the same. Nobody suffers as beautifully as Chastain. Nobody.

Total Run-time: 30 minutes

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