Maverick vs. Ethan Andrews (Gut Bash)


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Ethan shows up looking tougher and more sexy than possibly ever. He's wearing MMA gloves with tight black speedos and a tight black tank top. Maverick wears form-fitting pro trunks that have seen many matches.

Ethan is out-muscled, out-sized, but not out-classed. Both men get in their share of offense. Ethan is aggressive and ruthless. Maverick is methodical and creative. Ethan is bent into new ways he has never felt. Maverick targets the spine (back and neck) of Ethan. Of course, Ethan attacks those predominant abs.

Maverick has a strong advantage in his pro game and pro-mission style of wrestling, however, Ethan is a ground and pound guy, especially today. The action is back-and-forth. When Maverick gets his hands on Ethan, he showcases his power and prowess. Ethan attacks the washboard abdominals and stretches the muscle boy to his limits with a strong ground submission repertoire.

Maverick is a tough guy to keep down. Ethan likes taking a beating. Who has what it takes to win this match? Do we need a re-match?

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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