Maverick vs. Guido Genatto (Dog Collar)


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Two dudes and a chain! 

Maverick and Genatto are a match made in heaven, even in age, size, and experience. Maverick is pissed about Genatto’s recent victory over him. Genatto produces a chain, challenging the master to a dog collar match. Maverick resents the suggestion that he’s a dog, motivating Genatto to force him into the leather collar. What follows is a battle for supremacy, laced with the twisted vision of two dudes chained together at the neck like something out of an old gladiator movie. 

Maverick resists the chain as long as he can until Genatto finally forces the “mut” into the dog collar. Only then does Maverick learn to embrace the virtues of the chain by strapping a momentarily weakened Genatto to the ropes, yanking until his face turns cherry red. Genatto turns and returns the favor, until both men are face-to-face in a shackled punchup. 

It’s a bitter, gritty, nasty fight complete sadistic strangulation and breath control, expertly delivered trashtalk, sleepers, tug-of-wars, and ball attacks. Rolling, kicking, flailing, and fighting while bound, fettered, strapped, and trussed, these guys beat and batter each other using moves that have no name, both limited and encouraged by the possibilities of dog collars and chains.

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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