Maverick vs. Joey Angel (Super Villain)


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Barefoot Joey Angel takes his fight training super seriously. Attired in blue and yellow trunks, Angel more than lives up to his name. From that glowing, boyish smile, to that stacked frame that seems to give off a golden shimmer of heavenly health and heroism, this well-muscled seraph is just missing a pair of wings. 

Enter strongest man in the world, mortal Maverick, ready to wrestle the angel. As these two body builders stand face-to-face, you realize Angel is almost as big as Maverick. Perhaps the booted, bearded man ought to fear the callow lad. Maverick manages to muscle Angel to the mat, where those shining muscles pop into plain sight even more as he struggles and fights to regain his footing. 

Maverick grinds the kid into the floor, finally relenting just long enough to apply a camel clutch that leaves the Angel red-faced and furious. The clutch evolves into something more, as Maverick forces the big-chested, abdominally developed dude into the corner of the ring. Get ready for heads being crushed between thighs, as Maverick realizes his superiority over the kid, despite Angel’s flawless physique. 

The fight turns into a psychological fuck-fest, as Maverick orders the Angel to fight a red punching bag. In a total moment of successful domination, Angel has no choice but to mount the bag, slinking over to it with his tail between his legs. Maverick watches with messed-up, voyeuristic glee as Angel’s magically defined muscles go to work mid-ring against the punching bag. It’s two hard bodies at totally different skill levels going at it. But is Maverick another angel, or a devil in disguise?

Total Run-time: 30 minutes

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