Maverick vs. Lon DuMont & Ethan Andrews


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Like the old adage about how many men it takes to screw in a light bulb, today we ask how many wrestlers it take to subdue Maverick. The Roman God of a wrestler hardly seems surprised when Lon DuMont and Ethan Andrews appear in his ring space, sporting those shit-eating grins. He knows what’s about to happen. We all know…

Maverick doesn’t even wait, laying into both men with body-plowing shoves that the duo only bounces back from, Andrews wrenching the Master’s massive arm behind his back while DuMont goes for the head. Suddenly Maverick is flat on his back, pulled apart and swung like a hammock. DuMont goes for Maverick’s face, while Andrews plants a booted foot square in those legendary abs, before prying Maverick’s legs apart like a pair of rusty double doors. 

“Suddenly, when you’re down on the mat like this, you’re not as big anymore,” DuMont observes, muscling Maverick to the floor. Watch as two of our smaller pros beat the tar out of a living, breathing (barely, by the end) Hercules! The big question is, who will be the ultimate victor? We all know DuMont and Andrews can’t share a victory...

Total Run-time: 23 minutes

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