Maverick vs. Lon DuMont (Gut Bash)


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Lon and Maverick both have perfect abs. Both are huge physical fitness fanatics. Lon publishes a fitness newsletter and founded his own gym. Maverick is a premier personal trainer.

Lon DuMont is aggressive, intense and dastardly in his destruction of Maverick's mid-section. Utilizing tight body-scissors from his powerful legs and digging his finger nails deep into his suffering opponents abs, Lon makes a pleasant viewing experience for those looking to see Maverick as a jobber.

Lon is definitely the heel. He rips at the face of the handsome muscle stud. At one point, Lon lands one of the most brutal low blows that I have ever witnessed. OUCH!

This match is 80/20 in Lon's favor. Lon is the obvious heel, but Maverick cannot resist taking some shots at Lon's washboard, Maverick is a powerho

use. Lon re-gains the advantage then finishes his opponent. Maverick is laid across the ropes and his abs are assaulted by the clever DuMont.

Total Run-time: 21+ minutes

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